-Where are you based at?
We are based in Singapore and ship worldwide.
All prices in our online shop is in Singapore Dollar (SGD).

-Do you have a physical shop?
At the moment we don’t have a physical shop and we sell our ribbons only through our online shop.

-Which ribbon thickness should I use for bridal bouquet?
We would recommend either 1.5 inch or 2.5 inch ribbon for bridal bouquet, depending on the look you are looking for as well as the shape of the bouquet.

1.5 inch ribbon will create a more airy look, whereas 2.5 inch ribbon will give more body to the whole bouquet and create a more dramatic look. You can also combine two different thickness of ribbons to create more layer, such as 1.5 inch with 1 inch or even 0.5 inch, or 2.5 inch with 1.5 inch, or combine our original ribbon with the crinkle ribbon of different thickness for more texture.

Browse through our Lookbook page to view more of our silk ribbons in various settings.

-Do you offer wholesale/ vendor prices scheme?
We are a small studio run by myself and my husband. Every single spool of ribbon is made by hand following a labour-intensive process. As such we regret that we couldn't offer wholesale price at the moment. However we offer a modest discount for bulk purchase over 90 yards. Please contact us for more information.

-Can I reserve or preorder the ribbon?
We apologize that we don’t accept reservation or preorder of the ribbons. As we are working with colours from natural materials and every step of our ribbon making is done by hand, we are not able to guarantee the final colour results until we finish making the ribbons. Hence to avoid any disappointment, we only sell the ribbons as what is available at our online shop at the moment.

-Can I self collect my order?
Yes, the option for self collection is available (handling fee still applies), you can choose the Self Collection option during check out.

Self collection will be at Eunos Crescent area. Once your item is ready for collection, we will send you an email with the exact collection address.

Self Collection Timing:
Monday - Friday 10 am - 7 pm (strictly by appointment only)

-Is the product pictures accurately portray the true ribbon colours?
Colours produced from natural plant materials are living colours. It is often times complex and gleams differently depending on the kind of light that falls upon it. We take care to photograph our ribbons in natural light to portray the colours as accurately as possible. However please note that as we are doing our website testing we found out that colours vary from one monitor to another as well as from one phone screen to another. 

-Do you accept custom colour order?
We apologize that we don't accept custom colour order. However if you need a large quantity of our available colour (this service is available for selected colours only), please get in touch with us. At the moment, large quantity order only available for the following colours: Antique Lace, Wheat, Clementine, Merlot, Coco Au Lait, Chestnut, Ochre, Hunter Green, Lavande, Dusty Miller, Crinkle Antique Lace and Crinkle Château.

All large quantity order is made to order. Different minimum quantity applies for different ribbon width. Processing time is a minimum of 8 weeks or longer depending on the order quantity and the colours (some colours take longer to process the plant materials and soak the fabric than the others). A non-refundable full payment is required upon order confirmation. 

Please note that due to the nature of handmade natural dye product and hand dyeing process, while we adhere to a certain recipe in our dyeing practice, some shift in the colour shade between batches is inevitable. Read more about natural dyeing and our process here

-Is the ribbon washable?
It is not advisable to wash the ribbon because some colours might be affected by the acidity or alkalinity of the soap and water used. Should you need to wash your ribbon, we recommend to gently handwash it in tepid water using a gentle pH-neutral soap and air dry out of direct sunlight. Natural colours may shift in shades when encountering drastic change in pH or added chemical.

For more information on caring for your silk ribbon, please read here.