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Ochre is a bronze gold colour. This ribbon has a subtle marble marking throughout.

**Our new batch of ribbon is lightly pressed to preserve some of its natural texture for a more organic look while still being silky soft.

Our ribbon is made of 100% silk fabric. We handdyed our ribbon using natural materials. The ribbon comes as a seamless 3 yards length and is wound on a wooden spool made of sustainable mango wood.

Due to the handmade nature of our product, some flecks or imperfections might occur both in the fabric weave and the dyeing result. Some ribbons may have random little markings which add to the character of this artpiece.

It should be noted that while we adhere to a certain recipe in our dyeing practice, some shift in the colour shade between batches is inevitable. Read more about natural dyeing and our process here.

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When you are using your ribbon to tie a flower bouquet, please make sure that the stem is dry. Wet stem may impart colours onto the ribbon and the stain might be difficult to remove. Also take care that the ribbon doesn't get in touch with water containing flower food, as it is a chemical which can stain the ribbon and shift natural colours.

It is not advisable to wash the ribbon because some colours might be affected by the acidity or alkalinity of the soap and water used. Should you need to wash your ribbon, we recommend to gently handwash it in tepid water using a gentle pH-neutral soap. Natural colours may shift in shades when encountering drastic change in pH or added chemical.

You can iron your ribbon using dry iron on the silk (low - medium) setting.

As with all coloured fabric, be it natural or synthetic colours, it may fade overtime. It is recommended to approach this phenomena by embracing the beauty in each of their life phases. Storing the ribbons in a dark place or out of bright light or direct sunlight will help the colour shift happens in a slower pace.

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