Crafting with Sustainability in Mind

Eirene Artisan_Sustainability

We strive to reduce waste in our ribbon production and intentionally design our packaging with sustainability in mind while still maintaining our standard of aesthetic. We carefully plan and schedule our dyeing session so we could use and reuse our dyebath and rinse water a few times. In consequent, this makes us often time not able to reproduce certain colours. We also combine rinsing several fabrics as much as possible in order to save our water usage.

We intentionally design our packaging to avoid plastic as much as possible. Our bubble wrap is recycled from our shipment/ online shopping packaging. The poly mailer that we use to prevent any moisture that can damage the ribbon while on shipping is made from 100% recycled content utilising post-consumer and post-industrial waste, as well as being 100% recyclable. We make handmade paper from our paper scrap to print our brand logo label. And while we do love to write a thank you note for our customer who has supported our small handmade shop, we intentionally made the thank you note in a form of a bookmark which hopefully can be kept instead of being thrown away afterwards. And we are constantly searching for a better and more eco friendly alternative for our packaging. Please reuse as much as possible or recycle the packaging that you receive from us.

Even though we may not be perfect, we’d like to share these small steps that we do here at Eirene Artisan to love and preserve our mother earth in our business practice and we are constantly searching for more ways to be better in our effort to craft with sustainability in mind.